Hi! Thank you for being curious about me.

I'm Hien and I've been practicing yoga since I was 15 years old. (Yoga was only P.E. credit, I thought.) I knew by the third yoga class I took that teaching yoga was something I wanted to do!

As a young teenager, I experienced trauma in the form of an abusive relationship. I found that practicing yoga greatly helped me to connect with myself and cope with depression and anxiety. 

I know what it's like to feel powerless, burnt out, and overall unfulfilled. Because of that, I'm passionate about bringing mindfulness and yoga philosophy into everyday life along with asana (posture). I call it wholesome yoga. 

Wholesome yoga means that my teaching should benefit my clients physically, mentally, and spiritually. Learn to stretch - breathe - and love life with me. 

My Experience

2015: I completed my 200-hour training at Three Trees Yoga, a Yoga Alliance certified school in my hometown.

Early 2016: I completed a 20-hour Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga training.

Late 2016: I completed a 6-week SKY Outreach Mentorship Program at Samdhana-Karana Yoga, a non-profit yoga studio. I taught seniors at Mercy Housing.

Early 2017: I began teaching middle school yoga at Annie Wright Schools.

Mid 2017: I completed a 20-hour LoveYourBrain training. I started teaching at Samdhana-Karana Yoga and Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio.

Late 2017: I started teaching at Yoga Soleil.

2018: Currently, I teach middle schoolers at the Belltown Community Center, high schoolers at The Science and Math of Institute at Point Defiance, and Longevita. I sub at Yoga Soleil.

My teaching style leans toward gentle. I like to focus on mindfulness -- I remind students to breathe fully, feel the pose they're in, and observe whatever else shows up. Radical acceptance and self-compassion are two important concepts I try to present as a teacher.