How to Create a Sadhana Practice

In this video, I talk about what a sadhana practice is, how to create one, and what my current one is like. 

What is a sadhana practice?

A sadhana practice is a daily spiritual practice. It could be any type of yoga or meditation activity. For instance, your practice could be a seated meditation or walking meditation. It could be Sun Salutations or kriyas from the Kundalini tradition. It could be a pranayama like Uddiyana Bandha.  

How do I create one?

As with anything else that requires consistency, the best way to create a sadhana practice is to have a reason and to hold yourself accountable.  

What’s my sadhana practice?

My sadhana practice, as of 2017, is to meditate for 5-10 minutes and to practice asana for at least 15 minutes. My reason for my sadhana practice is to heal my inner body and to reconnect with my outer body.

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