the INFINITE facets of yoga


You may know yoga as a class that gets you sweating or reaching for your toes.

You may know yoga as a practice that leaves you feeling blissful and less anxious.

You may know yoga as challenging, acrobatic movements and postures.

You may know yoga as self-care and me time, or you may know yoga as a social meet up.

You may know yoga as a tool, a means to a bigger goal like health or happiness.

In reality, yoga is indeed all of the above depending on when, where, and around who.

But the best part of all, yoga can be made for you.

What is Samadhi Living?

Samadhi Living is a conversation that is a little less focused on the asana (postures) and more focused on the philosophical and meditative practices of yoga. Whether you are studying, working, or dealing with heartache, I believe yoga can come in handy. And guess what? You don't even have to wear yoga pants or carry a mat to practice "yoga" with Samadhi Living.

What does "Samadhi" mean anyway?

Samadhi is the last of the eight limbs of yoga. It can be defined as becoming one, a state of enlightenment, without ego, spiritual ecstasy, a yogic nirvana, complete bliss, complete peace, and etc. This Sanskrit term comes from the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, a text from around 400 CE that includes the eight limbs of yoga.

Samadhi Living is where you can discuss about yoga topics that aren't necessarily shown to you in a typical class such as making yoga more accessible, lifestyle tips, meditation styles, and yoga philosophy.

Why Samadhi Living?

Samadhi Living exists to inspire anybody who wants to live their potential, to live a life they love with the teachings of yoga as they see fit for themselves. The aspects of yoga shown on Samadhi Living aims serve you physically, mentally, and spiritually. But it's up to you to apply it however you want.

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