Yoga and Meditation Sessions with hien


Yoga varies as much as music.

There are all sorts of types and styles preferred by all sorts of people. So actually, yoga teachers vary as much as musicians. If you want an effective transformation through yoga, you need to look for someone who finally gets your tunes and can groove with you.

Some things to consider

Are you feeling overworked and stressed out from daily responsibilities?

Are you finding it hard to relax physically and mentally?

Do you find it hard to quiet your mind and meditate?

Do you want less stress and more contentment?

Do you want inner peace and a sense of empowerment?

Are you thinking "Yoga isn't for me..." because of experience/age/race/disability but craving the benefits?

Do you want to learn more about meditation and philosophy?

Do you wish yoga was taught more holistically?

Did you say yes to any of those…?

If you said yes, I might just be able to help you. Click here to schedule a Zoom call.

For years, I’ve repressed my trauma and endured my depression and anxiety.

I was a high achiever on the outside, but on the inside I was constantly at war with myself. I knew I wanted to be less stressed, I knew I wanted to be happy, and I knew I wanted to live a meaningful life. How was I to ever get there?

I wish I could say I took one yoga class and all my problems were solved. The industry touts the many benefits of yoga, but I always found it to be short-term. Taking a class was like taking a hit. I felt so amazing for 75 minutes but a couple hours later I would come down to earth.

But then there's meditation, right?

Whenever I tried to meditate, I would just get mad and moan over how useless I was for not being able to reach nirvana, or some inner peace. I was deeply attached in meditation, but I was not mindful.

The one yoga philosophy I would always take away from a class was detachment and being ego-less. Because I struggled with both of those things, I felt like it was impossible for me to ever be less stressed, be happy, and live a meaningful live.

As life happened, I was given the opportunity to take a hard look at myself and my habits. And I realized two important things about studying yoga and meditation.

1.       It doesn’t exclude me from having to accept things about myself and my life.

2.       It doesn’t exclude me from being too good for self-compassion.

If you’re looking for a chance to spiritually bypass, AKA using yoga as a way to feel good rather to feel what is and liberate yourself, you’re not quite ready to work with me. If you’re looking for a way to feel growth through yoga, meditation, AND philosophy, you’re in luck. Click here to schedule a Zoom call.

There's no reason you couldn't practice and grow with yoga, when this awkward girl did...

me at 15.jpg

On the left is a photo of me when I was about 15, a couple months before I started practicing yoga. I was like an other teenager, plus I had unresolved trauma issues. I was a hyper and weird girl! I fashioned that headband myself with old underwear fabric, I enjoyed taking selfies, and editing with my photos on Photo Bucket (pre-Instagram days!). On the right is a photo of me when I was 19, taking a break in the library as a university student. You can tell by my face I was stressed out and hating the assignment! I was going to therapy and I knew how to do yoga postures, but I was still figuring out how to find my inner peace. Scroll down to see me now!

Let me show you how I am practicing and living wholesome yoga

Imagine knowing how to respond to stress as it hits you.

Imagine being able to find stillness physically and mentally.

Imagine being able to breathe deeply and focus.

Imagine being able to live with radical acceptance, of the easy things and the uncomfortable.

Imagine your purest version of inner peace and empowerment.

Imagine feeling safe for being exactly who you are, past and present.

Imagine moving in a way that sustains you.

Imagine being able to explore your own spirituality.

Imagine stretching, breathing, and loving life.

warrior ii.JPG

This is me at age 21 in 2017. I'm radiating joy because I figured out how to deal with my sh*t and live my life to the fullest. I'm still awkward, but I know my worth and I treat myself with kindness. I know how to live with the spirit of mindfulness and enjoy one day at a time. I am living my dream - I teach yoga and meditation in studios and online!

All the above is not just a dream, it's totally possible to do and have all those things. 

My favorite part about teaching is giving people the opportunity to connect with themselves. Yoga and meditation can be incredibly healing and more than anything, is a way for you to practice being with your wholesome self. I'm so so so excited to show you how yoga can benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually! Click here to schedule a Zoom call.

yarah barbour
Hien is an amazing and inspirational yoga instructor. With her guidance to relax into my practice, I am able to relax and release stress from my mind and body.
— Yarah B.
I was able to ask questions and I was in a place I felt comfortable (my home). I also appreciated the input and the support you provided whenever I was unsure of the positions I followed. You also were able to personalize the positions we performed according to what I needed.
— Ellyn C.

Your options...


  • Together, we'll determine what you'd like to practice via the free call and questionnaire

  • Next you schedule five 60 minute sessions with me, where I will tailor a practice for you

  • Between our sessions, I will provide you with sequences to practice on your own and answer ALL your questions


  • Book your 60 minute session with me and complete the questionnaire

  • After the session, I will send my notes and tips from our session and give you 1 week of email support

  • After a month, you can schedule a 30 minute follow up session