Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Hey there! I see you're checking out my services.

Here's the thing... If you're looking for a fast-paced, ass kicking practice, I am not your girl. Try the local gym. 

If you're looking for mindful movement and intentional breathing, allow me to help!

My teaching is heavily influenced by trauma sensitive yoga and mindfulness meditation.

I am PASSIONATE about making yoga more accessible and inclusive.

Feeling like you're... Unfit? Uncertain? Unfulfilled? No problem!

My favorite part about teaching is giving people the opportunity to connect with themselves. Yoga and meditation can be incredibly healing and more than anything, is a way for you to practice being with your wholesome self.

Stretch and love life package - 5 private yoga sessions for $200 or 1 session for $65

Here's how it works

  • Together, we'll determine what you'd like to practice via the free call and questionnaire 
  • Next you schedule five 60 minute sessions with me, where I will tailor a practice for you
  • Between our sessions, I will provide you with sequences to practice on your own and answer ALL your questions

Breathe and love life - 1 meditation session + 1 week email support for $50

Here's how it works

  • Book your 60 minute session with me and complete the questionnaire
  • After the session, I will send my notes and tips from our session and give you 1 week of email support
  • After a month, you can schedule a 30 minute follow up session 

*Sessions are done via Zoom or in the Tacoma, WA area. If you are interested in bringing a yoga class to your workplace or for a private group, book a call to discuss it.

If finance is an issue, ask me about my sliding scale when we schedule our first call. I believe yoga and meditation should be accessible and if you are serious about your practice, let's talk.