Hi! Thank you for being curious about me.

I'm Hien and I've been practicing yoga since I was 15 years old. (Yoga was only P.E. credit, I thought.)

I knew by the third yoga class I took that teaching yoga was something I wanted to do someday!

As a young teenager, I experienced trauma in the form of an abusive relationship.

I discovered that practicing yoga was helpful for my journey toward healing.

To see my journey toward inner peace and healing, and how yoga and mindfulness played a role, read this.

Today, it continues to help me cope with depression and anxiety.

During my senior year of college, I finally pursued my dharma (purpose) and enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training program.

And here I am! I know what it's like to feel powerless, burnt out, and overall unfulfilled.

Because of that, I'm passionate about offering holistic wellness.

Practicing yoga with me means practicing mindfulness and yoga philosophy into everyday life along with asana (posture).

MY STORY & experience

2011: I took my first yoga class with Be Whole, Be Happy, as an after school activity for P.E. credit. I fell asleep in savasana, and I woke up feeling refreshed like never before. I knew early on that I wanted to be a yoga teacher or facilitator.

2015: I was in my senior year at the University of Washington Tacoma, completing a Bachelors degree. Although I worked hard to get to this point, I had lost interest in the degree I was pursuing. So while finishing up my degree, I also decided to do my 200-hour training at Three Trees Yoga, a Yoga Alliance certified school in my hometown.

2016: In January, I completed a 20-hour Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga training and in late 2016, I completed a 6-week SKY Outreach Mentorship Program at Samdhana-Karana Yoga, a non-profit yoga studio. Both these experiences shaped my teaching deeply. I learned how to teach yoga in a way that would be empowering for students, especially those coming from traumatic experiences or a vulnerable population. For a little bit, I taught seniors at Mercy Housing… bilingually. My Vietnamese wasn’t great, but I had a great time and I think they did too.

2017: I started teaching at Annie Wright Schools, Samdhana-Karana Yoga, Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio, and Yoga Soleil. During this time, I taught yoga to kids 10-13. I also completed a 20-hour LoveYourBrain training.

2018: I started teaching at Tacoma Science and Math of Institute High School and Rae’s Yoga and Cycling Studio. For a short while, I taught meditation with Yoga Wild.

2019: In January, I completed training with Yoga Behind Bars. I currently teach high schoolers at Tacoma Science and Math of Institute High School and Rae’s Yoga and Cycling Studio. I’m expanding my offerings to include mindfulness coaching! :) I also have offerings specifically for womxn of color.


What types of yoga do you teach?

  • Hatha with safe alignment in mind

  • Restorative yoga for ultimate relaxation with the use of props

  • Yin yoga for mindfulness and stretching the connective tissues

  • Slow flow, including Sun Salutations and Moon Salutations done with an emphasis on moving with intention and control

Do you teach hot yoga?

I am not trained in Bikram/26 poses yoga. But I sometimes teach in a heated room.

What is your teaching style like?

My teaching style leans toward gentle. I like to focus on mindfulness -- I remind students to breathe fully, feel the pose they're in, and observe whatever else shows up. Radical acceptance and self-compassion are two important concepts I try to present as a teacher.

How much do you charge for a private session?

My rates can be found here.

Who do you work with?

I have worked with all kinds of people and hope to work with more! Right now, I am most excited about working with people wanting to learn practice yoga for peace of mind and learn how yoga can improve their lives off the mat.

What are the benefits of working with you?

You’ll be working with someone who cares about you and who will meet you where you’re at. On top of that, I am someone who lives and breathes my work. I’m always seeking to be a better teacher, and a better person through yoga and meditation.

Students usually give me the feedback of stress relief and feeling good in their bodies.

Here’s some data I gathered from high schoolers I taught:

  • 53 percent reported an increase in flexibility and balance

  • 46 percent reported a decrease in stress

  • 32 percent reported a decrease in anxiety

  • 29 percent reported better sleep

If some kids — who are still learning how to self-regulate and handle their lives — can benefit from this, you can too!

How do I work with you?

Start a convo with me here.