You absolutely deserve it. Dedicate some serious time to your practice. Learn the art of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable AKA growth.

With 3 years of experience in holding space for people to embody mindfulness-based practices, I’m excited to begin offering retreats. Retreats are a great way to seriously dedicate yourself to your practice. By slowing down and putting yourself into a space with no distractions to savor the movement, you can begin to see things clearer. I don’t promise it will feel magical or make you enlightened, but I promise you an opportunity for deeper self-discovery. Sound intriguing?

half daY retreat | August 4 | 9 AM-1 PM | Downtown Tacoma


We will meet at Fitness for Life Co. at 9 AM. Parking is free on Sunday, so it should be a pretty stress free arrival. You will enter a building and walk up the stairs and then turn left, following the signs for Suite #201.

9-9:30 AM: Arrive, introductions and intention setting

9:30-10 AM: Movement practice

10-10:30 AM: Sitting meditation

10:30-10:50 AM: Walking meditation

10 minute break

11-11:30 AM: Yoga nidra (guided visualization)

11:30-noon: Yoga philosophy lesson and embodiment practice

12:30-1 pm: Closing, shares