Brahmavihara: Meditation for a More Loving You


Brahmavihara: Meditation for a More Loving You


Starts August 6 for four weeks | 7-8 PM* | Crescent Moon Gifts

*Please come 10-15 minutes early, as the store itself will be closed at 7 PM

The Brahmavihara (divine abodes) are profound ideas from Buddhist and yoga philosophy that can help you navigate your relationships to others and most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

The Brahmavihara:

  • Lovingkindness

  • Compassion

  • Sympathetic Joy

  • Equanimity

The ultimate aspiration is lovingkindness -- a sense of benevolence or good will. Each week, we will practice lovingkindness meditation and gradually increase the depth and length of the meditation. Our first aim is to cultivate deep self-compassion. Then, we will work to send that compassion out to other beings. Meanwhile we will try to remove barriers that keep us from finding self-compassion through selected readings, discussion, and journaling on each of the brahmavihara. (Please bring something to write with, you will be given hand outs.)

This series is for you if:

  • You want to experience deeper self-love, &/or deeper love for humanity

  • You want to learn a simple meditation technique, one that has been proven to help decrease symptoms of depression and decrease bias

  • You desire feeling a deeper connection; even though you believe we are interconnected

  • You are curious about eastern philosophies and how they can be applied to modern life

This four-week philosophy and meditation series is open to beginners.


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