Inner Peace, Outer Chaos

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Inner Peace, Outer Chaos


80% of all proceeds will go to ACLU.

This workshop was inspired by this blog post.

We are living in some trying times. Disgust. Anger. Disbelief. Sadness. Fear. These are all emotions you may have felt this year, and even more after the events relating to Charlottesville occurred. Rather than giving in to hopelessness or despair, rather than giving in to complacency, you can continue to show up.

In this workshop, you will explore ways to show up for a world in crisis with the guidance of lovingkindness meditation and yoga philosophy. This workshop will ask you to dig deep and encourage you to think about your role as a human being during this time. In this workshop, you will be asked to face your uncomfortable feelings and encouraged to cultivate self-compassion for having them.

The workshop will include time for a meditation session, lessons, discussion, quiet reflection, and Q&A. You will be provided downloadable hand outs and videos.

You will:
- Receive a recording of the workshop ($27 value); Yoga Philosophy & Reflection Worksheet ($3 value); Lovingkindness: How I Remember my Humanity ($7 value)
- Learn lovingkindness meditation and mindfulness techniques in order to keep yourself grounded during chaotic times
- Learn the basics of yoga philosophy and discover how to apply it to your words and actions as an advocate for social justice
- Reflect on your own power and courage to help dismantle oppressive systems; learn about spiritual bypass and ways to avoid falling into its trap
- Be in community with others who are seeking for inner peace AND who are trying to discern how they show up

*There are NO refunds with this purchase

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