Listen, I know that life can be hard. I say that as a young woman of color living in the United States during this wild time in history.

You’re hustling. You’re juggling.

You’re doing your best to serve the humans around you. Family, friends, colleagues. Whether it’s those at work or at home, in real life or virtually, you’re always on.

…On your way out the door, or on your way to the next task/text/email.

Maybe you’re really freakin’ tired at the end of the day. Maybe you find yourself overwhelmed AF by 2 PM. Maybe you just want to go on a 6-month vacation. Or maybe everything’s great on the outside, but you’re just unsure on the inside. Maybe it feels like you’re just letting life pass you by, life is on on autopilot. You’re surviving, but you’re not sure if you’re thriving.

I mean, how can you take it all and keep thriving? You care too much about those around you and your world. It takes a toll on you to try to stay informed in your world while also engaged in your work and community. You’re affected by life. Maybe so much, you’re infected by life.


No matter where you’re at… It’s alright, it’s OK.

The truth is you can handle the things life throw at you. (You’ve survived 100 percent of your worst days so far!)


You can also do it with more grace and peace of mind.

You can also find enough clarity to lighten the load and take away some of the hard.

You can also find time to be human and enjoy life.

You can also find a sense of purpose and interconnection.


Enter coaching

(You + Me) x Coaching =

♡ You uncovering a way to live with more ease in daily life (I say uncover, because I think you just need to be reminded of how to)

♡ You deepening your relationship with the most important in your life, YOU… which can then transfer to better relationships with others

♡ You learning how to tap into your mind and heart for inspiration to live more authentically

It also means…

♡ Increase in confidence on how to handle your stuff

♡ Decrease in stress, anxiety, shame, and perfectionist tendencies

And most importantly…

♡ Perspective so you can live your best life with your loved ones

To clarify


There’s no “I’m good now because I got a coach…. or I’m bad because I haven’t gotten a coach.” There’s NO comparison game. What worked before, may not work for now.

Only you have the key to figure out what may work for you in life, in this very moment in time.

I help you uncover that.

My role as your mindfulness coach is to help you know the most important person in your life, YOU, better.

Your role is to remain open, curious, and willing to shift throughout our time together.

The truth is, you can figure this out on your own. Nothing I’m going to discuss with you or share with you is impossible to figure out alone. But I find having a little guidance goes a long way. ;)

Who am I?

I am a Vietnamese American woman living in the Pacific Northwest. I struggled with shame and trauma while growing up. I tried so hard to fit myself into a box. Work hard. Look good. Be likable. Listen to smart people. I took college courses in high school and graduated with a bachelors degree at 19. In many eyes, that may have been considered impressive. In my eyes, I still saw a weakling and felt like a failure. That’s an issue, y’all. I lived in a world that taught me a lot about what to do in order to survive. But it took some therapy, soul seeking, and a little yoga for me to truly understand how to live. I now teach and live yoga to the best of my ability while also dipping my toes into sacred activism. I coach in order to share with you what I know on how to live.

My Values

Everything I do, whether it’s teaching yoga and meditation or coaching is informed by the following:

Trauma-informed lens: I will do my best to make you feel safer/safeish. I will encourage you to take everything offered to you as an invitation.

Intersectionality: I know that the struggles of marginalized groups intersect. I will do my best to keep learning, remembering, and honoring that. I will do my best to dismantle internalized -isms. I will not tolerate any discrimination toward any group, even if it isn’t one I am a part of.

Self-compassion: I believe every being has an intrinsic worth. I believe every being is worth it even if they are flawed, fall short, or don’t have something tangible to show for it. I believe every being can feel good about themselves without comparing themselves to others.

Mutual Healing/Happening: I believe if we become wounded in relationship, then we can also find healing in relationship. I will see your journey and its ups and downs, as a reflection of mine too. I will remind you that my healing/happening is also a reflection of yours.



The private coaching option is for anyone who wants support for deep inner work. I believe mindfulness can be relevant to any and all aspects of life. If there are one or two areas of your life you’d like more mindfulness in, I can help you uncover it. In particular, I specialize in finding self-compassion and thriving while living with trauma.

What’s included: Ongoing calls/check-ins for 4 weeks or 8 weeks (This could depend on what you want. Ex: Weekly + extra self-pacing resources or twice a week + bonus activities during calls. The point is, I am offering all access to me as your guide into becoming a more mindful being.)

Bonuses: Recordings of guided meditations, crystal healing suggestions, and or readings using tarot/oracle/astrology for deep soul work

Price: Sliding scale

4-Week Scale: $100, $200, or $300

8-Week Scale: $200, $400, or $600

Policy: Full payment is required before starting. No refunds will be issued.

I have 2 spots for private coaching right now. Fill out the form below to set up a time to talk. I can’t wait to hear from you :)

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