what some are saying after a session...

Studens felt calmer, relaxed with my instruction

"I like that you are calm you didn't rush anything, you took your time. I felt really good… I learned how to keep my anger down." Alex, high school student

Other comments from high school students "I like the way you taught us how to take stress out of your mind..." and "Felt good, I was feeling really relaxed but tired… I felt great after a while."

"Hien is an amazing and inspirational yoga instructor. With her guidance to relax into my practice, I am able to relax and release stress from my mind and body. Hien is kind, engaging, and attentive and she fosters a truly transformational energy in her teaching that will have you coming back for more!"

Yarah Barbour, pre-med student


"I was able to ask questions and I was in a place I felt comfortable (my home). I also appreciated the input and the support you provided whenever I was unsure of the positions I followed. You also were able to personalize the positions we performed according to what I needed."

Ellyn Carlson, artist and substitute teacher


"Hien always asks me what I would like to focus on so she can customize the routine to my specific needs. She corrects my poses when not done correctly. Her voice is calm and non-judgmental. Her teaching language is also practical and easy to follow.

Mai Nguyen, Trauma ICU Nurse and mother of two