May 2017

May 15, 2017: I meditated for 10 minutes in my room. I set an intention to "just breathe" and I did just that. Sometimes songs will pop in my head and play throughout in the background, and today it was a Kanye West song. It's funny to me when this happens, but it's often. I found myself feeling anxious about some of my plans this week, and anxious about my abilities. Like... how will it be when I meet the people running this studio I want to work at? Is my teaching style appropriate for my upcoming gigs? Am I a good enough teacher? Because I am so not flashy. But it doesn't mean that I'm not good, right? I am an example of what yoga looks like that is beyond IG and that is sooo necessary. They're never going to put a glossy photo of me teaching people at a senior housing place or adults with developmental disabilities on a magazine, but that's OK. So when I looked deeper, I felt mostly OK and knew I'd be fine.

May 25, 2017: Wow, I am really bad at updating my meditation diary. Here's the truth: I'm not always doing it. Sometimes when I do it, I write in my paper journal, like the real stuff. AND, it's been feeling stale. My meditation/meditative moments have been feeling stale. It just hasn't been effective, or maybe I am just not noticing the effects. So yesterday, I did something different. I lit some yummy smelling incense and played some music. I played some intense chakra balancing beats I found. It's a personal favorite, and all it really is are whooshing sounds that somehow feel nourishing. I don't know what it does for my chakras, but I know how it makes me feel: re-inspired. Today I did the same. But this time, I listened to some jazz instrumentals. Gosh, I love jazz music. It makes me feel groovy. I was able to still my mind, notice my thoughts, and still felt my soul rockin' along. So soothing. Now that's a meditation practice I can get behind. With that said, I don't think you should ever hesitate to change up your practice when the time calls for it. Don't torture yourself with one technique. Use the one that work for you in the moment.