How to Be Present (My Present to You This Christmas)

While you may be thinking about final presents, I am going to ask you to stop that for a moment and think about being present.

Here's my formula for being present.

Sensations + Awareness

= Being Present

It's simple.

1. Stop and notice your sensations.

2. You're present.

But since it can be really hard to do that, here's a more comprehensive step by step guide.

1. Form a relationship with your breath. Notice it. Notice the inhale, the exhale. Notice where in your body you feel as you inhale and exhale. Notice whether your breath is long or short, deep or shallow.

2. Form a relationship with your body. Notice if there is any tension in your body. Stay still or move in a way your body wants.

3. Form a relationship with your mind. Notice what kind of thoughts are floating by. Notice what emotions come with your thoughts. Allow your thoughts to come and go.

4. Form a relationship with your environment. Using your senses -- touch/smell/hearing/sight/taste -- begin to notice what's around you. Whether it's obvious or subtle sensations, notice it.

5. Carry on with your senses and awareness throughout the day. You are present when you notice what you notice. Notice that you're not noticing anything? Well, you're present there too.

NOTE: Being present is an ongoing process and practice. It's totally fine if this doesn't click yet. Be present to the fact it feels that way, if it's the case for you.

Want to try something else to be present? Check out this cool DIY project.

Happy Xmas,