Wise Quotes from My Yoga Teachers

As we are closing the chapter of our lives called 2016, I wanted to share a few quotes from my yoga teacher role models and mentors that have deeply touched me both as a yoga teacher and as a human being.

Next, I have learned two really awesome lessons from Vania Kent, Co-Director and Co-Founder of Samdhana Karana Yoga. When explaining how it felt it meditate, she boldly states that it is hard even if you've been doing it for a while. But the relationship with how hard it is changes. I began to look at my challenges differently since I wrote down this quote.

Erin Joosse is the owner of Source Yoga. I had a meeting with her where I asked her what was on her mind while she taught. I was blown away with this answer. I mean, why not view teaching as a meditation right? Why not view everything you do as a sort of meditation practice? She's the queen of mindfulness in Tacoma.

I also asked Vania, who is amazingly vulnerable and real in her classes, how she did it. We had a really interesting conversation -- I wish I had recorded it! But this point she made was deep. If we want to live in an authentic world, we have got to start being authentic. Others will pick that up.

As we journey to 2017 together, I hope these quotes can be sources of inspiration and empowerment for you. Reading them is like clicking a refresh button for my soul. To read stuff that these wonderful ladies have written, here is the link to Source Yoga's blog and Samdhana Karana Yoga's blog.

With love,