How to Create a Sadhana Practice

In this guide, I talk about what a sadhana practice is, how to create one, and what my current one is like. 

What is a sadhana practice?

A sadhana practice is a daily spiritual practice. It could be any type of yoga or meditation activity. For instance, your practice could be a seated meditation or walking meditation. It could be Sun Salutations or kriyas from the Kundalini tradition. It could be a pranayama like Uddiyana Bandha.  

How do I create one?

As with anything else that requires consistency, the best way to create a sadhana practice is to have a reason and to hold yourself accountable.  

What’s my sadhana practice?

My sadhana practice, as of 2017, is to meditate for 5-10 minutes and to practice asana for at least 15 minutes. My reason for my sadhana practice is to heal my inner body and to reconnect with my outer body.

Download the guide How to Create a Sadhana Practice here.

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If you want ideas for record your practice, check out my Meditation Log (Excel) and My First Meditation Diary, originally on my old blog (Word Doc).