Self-Care Tips for Those Taking a Stand

This guide is dedicated to the activists and anyone taking a stand to make the world a better place.

I will be transparent and say YES, I wanted to share this topic during the week of the Inauguration because for many people, it is a stressful and scary time.

And if you’re taking responsibility and going out to protest, you’ll also need to find ways to take care of yourself.

Because honestly, activism is a vulnerable thing. Showing up to protest can be emotionally exhausting.

Here is my biggest self-care tip for you:

Break it down to what you need.

Ask yourself this. What do I need physically? How can I take care of myself, physically? What do I need mentally?

Lastly, never forget your spiritual self.

What do I need spiritually?

Breaking it down makes it easier to identify your needs and work with them. Clean here to download Self-Care Tips for Those Taking a Stand.

Click here to download my List of Self-Care Ideas For Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Well-Being and Exercise.

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