How to do Moon Salutations


It's likely you've heard of Sun Salutations if you've been in a yoga studio. They're a series of poses stringed together. They encourages movement with the breath. They're meant to energize and bring heat. Hello! You're saluting the SUN.

I like Sun Salutations, they are active and I work up a sweat doing them. But today, I come to you with their counterpart, which I LOVE. Introducing, Moon Salutations! Yes, you are saluting the MOON -- which means yin energy and an emphasis on cooling rather than heating.

This is the Moon Salutations sequence I like to do, I got it from a Yoga International article and have since been teaching it on a weekly basis to my middle school students. I enjoy it because it's refreshing and there's a lot of grounded-ness in the poses. It's not as easy to strain yourself doing as it is when you do Sun Salutations. Plus, there's no chatarangas!

The Sequence

The sequence has a predictable pattern. It starts with inhaling up and exhaling down, it goes into downward dog and lunge, then you drop down onto your knees for some child's pose/kneeling action + a quick backbend, then back to downward dog and lunge, and you close it with the inhaling up and exhaling down bit. 

  • Start in standing
  • Inhale hands up
  • Exhale fold
  • Inhale step back into a low lunge
  • Exhale downward dog
  • Inhale table top
  • Exhale child's pose
  • Inhale kneeling
  • Exhale child's pose with prayer hands
  • Inhale upward dog
  • Exhale downward dog
  • Inhale lunge
  • Exhale fold
  • Inhale stand
  • Exhale hands at heart

Practice Moon Salutations with Me

Maybe you're a pro at following written sequences, if not, watch my video and practice it with me. I do it several times.

What did you think? Comment below!