The Weird Thing that Nourishes Me

Who's Woo Woo? Me.

In case you don't know, "woo woo" means new agey. This excerpt is taken from an Instagram post a few weeks ago:

I was browsing and I came across this woo woo biz coach I've been following for a couple of months.

I went on her website and I was sooo blown away. She has such captivating copy. Her branding colors and fonts are gorgeous. Her words are sooo her and yet also sooo resonating with me.

I was sooo blown away, I even clicked on her programs and found myself thinking "SH*T, I SHOULD SAVE FOR HER PROGRAM." I never feel that way!!! I always make calculated decisions on who I buy from before arriving to the should I or shouldn't I.

After browsing, I thought damn, I really want to be able to captivate people like that. I think one thing about her copy and site I am sooo amazed by is that it feels like she means it. She's unapologetically herself... boss babe + woo woo witch.

And I sooo want to be more openly woo woo. In fact, I want to write about more woo woo topics and offer woo woo services along with what I do now. But I haven't because I want to keep this image: awkward young woman teaches about making meditation and yoga simple for daily life.

Well now, I kind of want to evolve my brand and share the woo woo wisdom I've collected that have nourished me ALONG WITH more mainstream methods like yoga and meditation.

I understand skeptics. I agree with a lot of their points too. My boyfriend is an atheist and many of my close friends are simply not interested in spirituality. So I've learned to tame my woo woo interests around them and most people I meet.

But at the end of the day, my spirituality and mystical weirdness nourishes me. My belief in both a higher power AKA God AND my dabble with astrology/tarot keeps me inspired and sane. I ALWAYS find myself going back to what nourishes me, no matter how weird.

With that said, I want to be a little more honest about my journey.

You probably know I teach yoga and meditation, I've been doing yoga since I was 15. Trauma sensitive yoga is important to me. Helping my students/clients feel empowered is important to me. Maybe you even know that I was in an abusive relationship and it wrecked me with depression and anxiety that lasts up to today. (I manage it a lot better now than I did then.)

And in between all that, I have a soft spot for the occult such as astrology and tarot cards. And I have always found that looking at astrology helped me understand myself and have more patience for those around me. Astrology has always been a weird but nourishing presence in my life since I began to understand it.

How The Stars Nourish My Hungry Self

I was born under Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon. I am both a performer who loves attention and a moody soul that has witnessed trauma. When I doubt myself and my strengths, I like to look at my birth chart and reflect on the various qualities I possess from planets and signs that conjured me as an individual. When I am hungry for self-esteem, hope, divine guidance, I like to look back at my celestial make up. I do my best to honor my chart and its quirks. And honestly, it's been quite helpful because I got new teaching gigs this summer and it scares me as much as it excites me!

Wait, does it mean you do don't believe in free will or personal responsibility?

Not at all, I believe I could do whatever the hell I want and that there are no excuses when I make a mistake. And I think that I can express myself and live my life better by knowing what I am and what's going on, according to the stars.

Another example: The new moon is currently in the sign of Gemini. New moons are about beginnings and intentions. Gemini is the sign of communication and duality. How is this affecting me? I've been feeling super chatty, so I know I need to talk and connect. A couple weeks ago, I decided to hit up a gal pal. Normally, I'd forget if the other person doesn't remind me. But this time, I made sure to remind her of our meeting because I knew it'd be good. We spent an amazing few hours in downtown Seattle chatting soulfully about life. It was so nourishing, and feels aligned.

New Moon Yoga Class

Earlier today I was on Facebook live to teach tonglen meditation and moon salutations. Feel free to watch the replay in my group.

I'm going to turn this back to you. How are you doing? How is life treating you? Connect with me by commenting below or by scheduling a chat. :)